The Chevrolet Blazer returns in 2020 with a few refreshes to its impressive rollout in 2019. In addition to innovative technology, premium styling, and powerful capability features, the new Chevy Blazer also boasts a host of safety and security features designed to deliver supreme peace of mind as you take to the roads of Raleigh, NC and beyond.

Here are just a few of the most popular standard and optional safety features that you can choose to include:

Forward Automatic Braking - This intuitive system will automatically apply the brakes if an imminent collision is detected. This useful feature may even help to avoid collisions while traveling at low speeds.

Rear Vision Camera - Drivers will have eyes in the back of their head with the standard rear vision camera. When the Blazer is in reverse, you will be able to see all of the obstacles behind you so that you can safely maneuver.

Side Blind Zone Alert - These sensors alert the driver through the side mirror if a vehicle or object is in the blind zone. This alert is especially helpful when changing lanes.

Adaptive Cruise Control - Putting your Chevy Blazer on cruise control has never been so easy. With adaptive cruise control, this vehicle can automatically adapt the speed to maintain a safe distance between your Chevy and the vehicle in front of you. This reduces the need for the driver to brake and accelerate as frequently.

Rear Camera Mirror - This modern rearview camera offers a wider and less obstructed field of vision to deliver a safer drive.

Chevy Blazer enthusiasts at Sir Walter Chevrolet in Raleigh, NC, welcome you to visit our showroom so that we can demonstrate all of these safety features to you. We are confident that you will feel secure as you get behind the wheel of this five-passenger SUV when we invite you to take it for a test drive. Our team looks forward to serving you, and all of your Chevrolet needs today.

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